Kannur Tourism

Kannur is the fourth largest urban agglomeration in Kerala after Kochi, Thiruvanathapuram and Kozhikode. Kannur is known as the land of Looms and Lores because of the loom industries functioning in the district and ritualistic folk arts held in temples. Kannur is famous for its pristine beaches, Theyyam, its native performing art and its handloom industry.

Kannur experiences a humid tropical monsoon climate. In April and May the average daily maximum temperature is about 35 C (95F). Temperature are low in December and January about 20F (68F). Like other areas on the Malabar coast Kannur receives heavy rainfall during June and July due to southwest monsoon.

In South India the food is mostly rice-based. Pulses are also used often. The typical meal is known as 'Thali' consisting of 'sambhar' (a water vegetable curry) , avial (mixed vegetable with curd) with rice traditionally served on a banana leaf as a plate. Fish curry made in thick coconut gravy is specialty of Kannur. Sea food like mussels, prawn and crab are available according to season. The south also has some great breakfast dishes like 'Idli' ( a steamed cake of lentils and rice) dosa, a thin, crispy pancake often stuffed with potatoes to make masala dosa, 'vada' a savoury Indian donut served the coconut chutney. Among breads 'Chapatti' made out of wheat is commonly served for Dinner along with curries.

'Payasam' is the favorite sweet dish made of rice (or semolina) with sugar and milk. A wide variety of fruits are available like Banana, Mango, Watermelon, Pineapple, Jack fruit etc.

One of the sweetest and safest beverages you can get is tender coconut water. Use of packaged drinking water is recommended.